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BormioWelcome in Bormio, located in Alta Valtellina.
The base elevation of Bormio is 1225 m (4019ft). Bormio is worldwide famous for its skiing facilities and also noted for the large presence of hot springs spas.
Close to Bormio there is the famous Stelvio Pass, a summer Ski Resort.
The best aspects of Bormio are the Ski Area, the Hot Springs, the National Park and the historical center od the town.
Bormio, is known as the meeting point for all the tourists that are seeking the perfect relaxing and healthy vacation in the Alps.

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Bormio is a 4.088 abithants town situated in the Sondrio Province, Valtellina. It's in the Stelvio National Park and twice it has hosted the Ski World Cup Championships. Beyond the winter sports, Bormio is well known for the hot springs, known since the Roman age.
Three are the SPAs centers: Bagni Nuovi of Bormio, Bagni Vecchi and Terme di Bormio.

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